Lisa Bloom: Harvey Weinstein Is Actually Kind of a Hero, If You Think About It

Lisa Bloom. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lisa Bloom’s press tour in light of the sexual-harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein is … not going well. A day after the bombshell New York Times report detailing multiple accusations of misbehavior by the producer, including asking young women for massages or to watch him shower, Bloom offered another questionable defense of the man she says she’s helping work through his troubles. (Bloom’s mother, Gloria Allred, has publicly disagreed with her daughter’s decision to work with Weinstein.) Bloom’s latest statement: “I salute any woman that comes forward with complaints of sexual harassment you know? Harvey has had to learn,” she told the Associated Press. “This is not an easy time for him either. Probably nobody has sympathy for him right now and that’s fine. But this is a guy who has thrown away the old playbook of let’s attack the women, let’s dig up dirt on their past, let’s humiliate them, let’s fight. He’s not doing any of that.” Weinstein’s fresh new approach to being hit with numerous sexual-harassment allegations also includes a lawsuit against the paper that reported them.

Lisa Bloom: Weinstein Won’t Attack Accusers in Press