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The Magic Mike Musical Will Have a Number for the Straight Guys, Too

Channing Tatum. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Broadway … it’s not just for gays anymore! The long delayed Magic Mike musical is definitely still happening (with lap dances), and it won’t be just an expensive male strip show with singing. At least for one song, there will be women dancing, too! “There will certainly be hot guys, but we also have a great number of Mike’s girlfriend and her sorority sisters at the top of act two,” lyricist Brian Yorkey told The Hollywood Reporter. The musical serves as a prequel to the 2012 movie and will focus more on the real life of Channing Tatum, who played the eponymous character in the film and worked for some time as a stripper. Yorkey explained that the show will go beyond the core group of sexy male dancers. “There’s an awful lot of beefcake, but it also has heart,” he said. “We want to represent the women’s side of the story as well.” Because everyone knows you can’t launch a successful Broadway musical without appealing to straight guys.

Magic Mike Musical Will Have a Number for the Straight Guys