Marc Maron Talks Living During the End of the World on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Kimmel chats with Marc Maron about how the world is definitely ending. “I like to hear people tell me ‘No it isn’t,’” Kimmel says. “But those people are getting harder to find, aren’t they?” Maron responds before talking with Kimmel about the idea of Kim Jong-un making a “sneak nuclear attack” on LA. “I’m prone to anxiety anyway. When everything gets overwhelming, how do you distract yourself? Because you don’t want to spend the entire day just being hit in the face by Trump everywhere, and you open your phone and it’s like ‘Oh, it’s there!’ And everywhere, right? So you gotta just focus on something else just to get your mind off it,” Maron says. “What do you focus on?” Kimmel asks. “Well, like yesterday, I went through the box of wires. Everybody has a box of wires, man, and you gotta go through them at some point.”

Watch another clip from the interview below, where Kimmel confronts Maron about leaving him out of his new book Waiting for the Punch:

Marc Maron Talks Living During the End of the World on […]