Nathan Fielder Brings Susan Sarandon as His Backup Guest on ‘Conan’

Nathan Fielder continued his late night talk show tour last night to promote the new season of Nathan for You, but unlike his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live in September and Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this month, his visit to Conan didn’t include his perfect talk show anecdote because, as O’Brien says, “It’s bad that you told it twice, but to try and tell it a third time is borderline criminal.” So in case Fielder’s story about his cats didn’t go well, he decided to bring backup guest Susan Sarandon along so O’Brien has the option to switch over to her instead. Thankfully for Fielder, O’Brien never switches over to the backup, but Fielder does have one request pertaining to her at the end: “There’s one more thing I just wanted to talk to you about. So, uh, Susan’s from New York, and I had to cover the cost of her flight to come out here. And she has to fly first class, so it’s kind of expensive. And I thought, since she did appear on your show, do you wanna go 50/50 on that?”

Nathan Fielder Brings Susan Sarandon as His Backup […]