Nathan Fielder Tells His Perfect Talk Show Anecdote Again on ‘Late Night’ “for Tax Reasons”

Last month, Nathan Fielder appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and told a story involving an out-of-town wedding that turned out to be a carefully constructed late night anecdote he planned and staged ahead of time, which was all revealed during last week’s Nathan for You. During his visit to last night’s Late Night, Fielder told Seth Meyers all about the stunt – which he claims cost $350,000 of his show’s budget – then asked if he could tell the story again, but Meyers pointed out that it’s not good to tell the exact same story on two late night shows. “Well, I will say – and you wouldn’t know this, so no apology necessary – but it’s not great when someone tells the exact same story on another person’s talk show,” Meyers says. “Well, the way I see it, if you’re the Beatles and you write ‘Hey Jude,’ you don’t perform that just once,” Fielder says. “Plus, because of the expense, my accountant was saying that if I can do it on a second show, I can amortize the cost over two appearances so it’s $175,000 per telling.” Thankfully, Meyers ends up allowing Fielder to tell the story – but not before Fielder calls Meyers Jimmy instead of Seth. “I’m sorry. Or actually, that’s probably a compliment, right? I don’t know the ranking.”

Nathan Fielder Tells His Perfect Talk Show Anecdote […]