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Netflix Gives Stranger Things Its Very Own After-Show, Beyond Stranger Things

Netflix is giving Stranger Things the Talking Dead, Talking Bad, and Talking Saul treatment (sans Chris Hardwick) with the show’s very own after-show, Beyond Stranger Things. It should have been named Strangest Things, but we’ll let it slide (unlike Barb’s death, which you demand a full accounting for!). The seven-episode series will debut on Friday, October 27, the same day as the new season’s premiere. However, fans are advised not to watch the show until they’ve completed the entirety of Stranger Things 2 to avoid spoilers. Fortunately for them, the after-show will automatically start playing after the credits role on the season finale.

The Stranger Things cast will, of course, stop by Beyond, as well as creators Ross and Matt Duffer and director–executive producer Shawn Levy. Jim Rash, winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for The Descendants, Community’s beloved Dean Pelton, and apparent Stranger Things “superfan,” will host. And if you think for one second Jim Rash won’t have those kids playing D&D, we’re going to write and produce an after-show about you, in order to explore what you could possibly be thinking.

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Netflix Gives Stranger Things Its Very Own After-Show