Nicolas Cage–Themed Japanese Snack Was Not Endorsed by Nicolas Cage

Photo: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Just because Nicolas Cage’s face appears on the packaging for a tasty puffed corn stick does not mean that Cage endorses that Japanese snack. Reports about the snack started circulating earlier in October, with pictures of the special-edition Deluxe Umaibou Nicolastick leading some to believe the actor was in business with Riska, the Japanese food brand behind the product. While it’d be fun to imagine Cage sitting in a meeting, approving of the kick-ass name and packaging, it did seem like an unlikely career move, even if he is a guy who once bought a stolen Tyrannosaurus skull from Mongolia. Alas, the National Treasure national treasure was not the marketing genius behind the idea that gave the world this magnificent treat:

The Nicolastick was evidentially created as a promotional item for the Japanese release of Amy of One, or, as it’s known in Japan, My Target, Bin Laden. According to a press release sent out on Wednesday, the packaging used artwork from the film (Cage’s face with a big beard) and was only supplied to ticket holders in three theaters. FilmNation International, the movie’s international sales agent, wrote, “All parties responsible for the creation and announcement of this promotional product sincerely apologize for the use of Mr. Cage’s image in this manner and any harm that may have been caused to him and his image and reputation.”

Nicolas Cage–Themed Japanese Snack Was Not Endorsed by Cage