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The Psych Office Has a Totally New Look in the Reunion Movie

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Spoilers ahead for the first 20 minutes of Psych: The Movie. If you’d rather not know anything before December, we suggest you stop reading.

Long live all those pineapples, you crazy Psych-Os! The cast and crew of USA’s Psych swung by New York Comic Con on Saturday afternoon to reminisce about the series and preview the first 20 minutes of the upcoming holiday reunion movie. The early verdict: It’s silly, full of Shawn’s classic witticisms, has Gus back in the pharmaceutical industry, and quintessentially Psych. Read on for a few other things we learned about Psych: The Movie — premiering December 7 — from the footage.

The Psych San Francisco office will have a much different look.
On top of changing their business’s name from Psych to the very reasonable “Psychphrancisco,” Shawn decides to give their Chinatown office a fresh makeover in the spirit of Gremlins … to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the creation of Blu-ray, naturally. “This is a glorious triumph, especially considering all of the restrictions you gave me,” he explains to a perplexed Gus, who isn’t totally sold on the new look.

The plot gets going with the murder of Juliet’s SFPD partner.
Zachary Levi tries out a British accent while portraying a villainous Thin White Duke character (they love their David Bowie over at Psych) who has his two associates murder Juliet’s amiable partner in his home. Why? Apparently the two men previously knew each other, and this Duke fellow is in pursuit of the other’s “dongle,” which Shawn refuses to believe is a security device and not a man’s floppy purple penis.

Shawn and Juliet’s relationship hasn’t grown much.
Remember in the series finale’s last scene when a thief steals Juliet’s engagement ring and the duo run off in pursuit of it? Well, three years have gone by, and Shawn hasn’t replaced it yet. This prompts Chief Vick to give Juliet a pre-work pep talk about how maybe she and Shawn aren’t meant to be. “Marriage is never going to be the right choice for you … maybe your goals and his goals aren’t just gonna line up in the end,” she points out. “It’s easy to notice that you don’t wear a ring.”

Chief Vick’s daughter might become an important side-plot.
In the opening scene, Juliet and her partner try to catch a shoplifter running through the streets of San Francisco, only for Jules to discover it’s the teenage daughter of Chief Vick, who was peer-pressured into doing it to get into a cool clique. (She lets it slide this once.) It’s also implied that we will finally see the Chief’s long-talked-about-but-never-actually-seen husband, Richard.

One additional returning character will come back for the movie.
That would be John Cena, who amusingly portrayed Juliet’s military-serving brother.

The Psych Office Has a Totally New Look in the Reunion Movie