Ray Donovan Has Been Renewed for Season 6 and Is Moving to New York City

Liev Schreiber. Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME

Ray Donovan will be back for season six, Showtime announced today. As the fifth season of Ray Donovan heads to its finish Sunday, Ray travels to New York City where the struggling widower will settle down next season. Ray’s life in Los Angeles has rapidly disintegrated in the wake of Abby’s death and his decision to travel to New York to help his daughter ends up providing a new beginning for the Hollywood fixer.

“It’s important to shuffle the deck,” three-time Emmy nominee Liev Schreiber told Vulture in an interview. “Bringing Ray to New York is going to be very exciting for everybody. It’s great for me because my kids are here, so I’m thrilled. And I think the show could use a shot in the arm.”

Production on the sixth season will begin early next year in New York City. “Of course, it makes me nervous,” Schreiber said. “Everything makes me nervous. But that’s part of the fun of doing this kind of work — mix it up, keep you on your toes, and try to inject new experiences and new life into the show as much as you can.”

Ray Donovan Renewed for Season 6, Is Moving to New York City