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Ryan Murphy Has a Sex and the City 3 Solution: Recast Samantha

There is a very simple solution to all the recent Sex and the City 3 drama, according to Ryan Murphy. “Why don’t they just recast Samantha?” he wondered during an interview with Emily Nussbaum at the New Yorker Festival Saturday. “I don’t get it.”

Last week, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed that the third movie is definitely not happening, even though Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, were ready to get their Manolo Blahniks out and start shooting. But there’s one hitch: Kim Cattrall has no interest in being Samantha again. “It seems to me that there are a lot of people on that show who have a great passion for making it,” Murphy said. “I love Sarah Jessica Parker, I’ve worked with her. I think she’s amazing … She’s a great producer and has a great business acumen.” If he had created the series, Murphy went on, he would be devastated if “95 percent of the team said, ‘let’s do it,’ but there was a hold on it. I don’t blame Kim Cattrall though,” he added.

If recasting isn’t an option, Murphy has another creative suggestion: “Just do one where Samantha is dead.”

Ryan Murphy’s Sex and the City 3 Solution: Recast Samantha