Sarah Silverman Sings That She’s ‘Part of the Problem’ in I Love You, America Trailer

Sarah Silverman loves everyone in America, from the various people of different ethnicities walking down the street, to hot guys, to “big fat pieces of shit.” Of course, that doesn’t stop her from also seeing the country’s problems, and how she’s complicit in them, through white privilege and her own ignorance. In a Bruce Springsteen–style song, she belts in the trailer for her upcoming Hulu original series I Love You, America. Also, she can’t help but sometimes be “really, really mad” at America and the “stupid shit you do,” like voting for “rich fucks that lie to your faces.” But then, isn’t that kind of condescension a problem in its own right? Whew, what a ride. The series debuts this Thursday, October 12.

Sarah Silverman Sings in I Love You, America Trailer