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Seth Meyers Asks Congress to Admit They Won’t Do Anything About Gun Control: ‘Just Say We’re Never Going to Talk About It’

“It always seems like the worst displays of humanity in this country are immediately followed by the best, and then sadly, that is followed by no action at all. And then repeats itself,” Seth Meyers said on Late Night Monday night, in response to the violence that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday, a mass shooting that left at least 59 dead and approximately 500 injured. As much at a loss for words as the rest of us, Meyers challenged Congress to find a measure they can take to reduce mass shootings or, if they’re ready to be real with us, admit that they are never going to discuss gun control, immediately after a shooting or not. “If it’s going to be thoughts and prayers from here on out, the least you can do is be honest about that,” Meyers urged. Until then, first responders and regular citizens will remain at the front lines of the debate, whether they choose to be or not.

Seth Meyers Asks Congress to Admit Inaction on Gun Control