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Seth Meyers Thinks Harvey Weinstein’s Plan to Make a Comeback Wouldn’t Even Work 1,000 Years From Now

With the exception of a few hosts, late-night television has been fairly light on their comedic criticism of Harvey Weinstein in the days following allegations against him of sexual harassment and rape from numerous women. However, in his most recent Closer Look segment, Late Night’s Seth Meyers took Weinstein to task, especially over the report that the former head of the Weinstein Company is already planning a comeback as soon as next year: “If Weinstein had himself cryogenically frozen and woke up a thousand years from now, the headline would still be ‘Too Soon, Creep.’” In addition to talking about Weinstein, Meyers spoke at length about the continuous problem of entitled men in positions of power engaging in systemic misogyny, in entertainment and in politics. Watch the entire clip above.

Seth Meyers: Harvey Weinstein’s Comeback Plan Is Premature