Seth Meyers Says Trump Is Treating Condolence Calls Like He’s Going to Get a Yelp Review Afterward

After receiving criticism from the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson about his tone during a condolence call, Trump has gone to great lengths to praise himself and his demeanor. Of course, in response to Trump telling a press corps that everyone they’ve talked to has had nothing but “unbelievable good” things to say about him, Late Night’s Seth Meyers took the president to task over treating condolence calls like they’re something he’ll receive a Yelp review for: “I’m sorry for your loss. Now, if you wouldn’t mind giving me five stars.” The late-night host also tackled how Fox News’ Lou Dobbs gratuitously fawned over Trump, and how Fox News has not-so-gracefully tried to shift the Russian collusion blame onto Hillary Clinton. Watch the entire Closer Look segment above.

Seth Meyers: Trump Is Making Condolence Calls All About Him