Seth Meyers Says Trump ‘Genuinely Cannot Contemplate Doing Something Out of the Goodness of Your Heart’

President Trump’s most recent trip to Puerto Rico was full of cringe-worthy sound bites, as well as bizarre moments involving paper towels, and late-night television has been taking Trump to task for his words and actions. On his Late Night program, Seth Meyers discussed Trump’s disbelief at a churchgoer who was giving out water-purification tablets. Based on their conversation, Trump seemed genuinely confused as to why the tablets were given away for free, which led Meyers to conclude that Trump just doesn’t get the concept of doing good deeds for the sake of kindness. Meyers, in his best Trump impression, mocked the president’s incredulity, saying, “Oh, so, you clean the water and sell it for double the price?” Seth went on to say that despite his voter base, Trump just doesn’t understand the concept of church. Watch the entirety of Meyers’s most recent Closer Look segment above.

Seth Meyers Says Trump Can’t Fathom Giving Out of Kindness