A Movie’s Popularity Will Determine How Expensive Tickets Are in Some Regal Cinemas Come 2018

Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Codeblack Films

Regal Entertainment Group announced this week that it plans to follow the example set by the concert and theater industries and try out demand-based pricing in several of its markets. According to Bloomberg, the massive movie theater chain is teaming up with Atom Tickets to offer dynamic pricing, which would mean cheaper tickets for less popular films and showtimes and higher prices for bona fide blockbusters and date nights. While a version of this model has existed for years in terms of matinee pricing and second-run theaters, REG would be the first to charge different prices for movies playing at the same time based on demand. The experiment comes after a very bad summer box office and MoviePass’s decision to offer subscribers a movie a day at a theater for just $9.95 a month.

Some Regal Cinemas Will Offer Demand-Based Pricing in 2018