Oh Good, Southwest Airlines to Host Live Country-Music Concerts on Flights

Devin Dawson. Photo: Southwest Airlines

It’s been some years since you probably were on an airplane that had one movie screen the whole cabin was forced to watch together, but now Southwest wants to bring that communal experience back. According to Billboard, the airline has signed a deal with Warner Music Nashville that will include pop-up shows in unsuspecting passenger cabins. Southwest has actually been doing this for a few years. The airline started its Live at 35 in-flight concert series back in 2011, but this new deal means there will be even more chances for you to catch a country-music performance during your domestic flight. If you are not a fan of the artist performing, you have the option of watching it in silence while waiting for it to end, or acting like a New Yorker on a subway car and pretending to be asleep. Should you choose the second option, however, know that you’ll look super rude in the inevitable viral video of the performance (like this recording of Devin Dawson on a flight from Nashville to Philadelphia). But, whatever, you can just claim that it’s part of your own transportation performance art.

Southwest Airlines to Host In-flight Country-Music Concerts