The ‘unSOLVABLE’ Talents of Betsy Kenney and Dara Katz

We’ve called them “Genre Queens,” and we stand by it.

Between Bounty Hunters , The Place We Live (TPWL), and now unSOLVABLE, co-creators Betsy Kenney and Dara Katz have flexed their parody muscles on action flicks, ‘90s dramas about twenty-somethings built for bored thirty-somethings, and true-crime docu-series. Through each, disparate and delightful notes were hit, but they always seemed to be part of a similar melody called “Betsy and Dara know what they think is funny, and aren’t afraid to do exactly that.” It’s a long name for a song, sure, but the takeaway is one worth remembering: Kenney and Katz are unicorns in their ability to shift between parody targets while maintaining a voice all their own.



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The ‘unSOLVABLE’ Talents of Betsy Kenney and Dara Katz