Things Look Dire for Scully and Mulder in the New Trailer for Season 11 of The X-Files

Civilization is in its final stages, and humanity itself is at stake in the first trailer for season 11 of The X-Files, which premiered today at New York Comic Con. The trailer is predictably mysterious, but the situation looks dire for Agents Scully and Mulder; dark days lie ahead for the skeptic and the believer as they try to save more than 7 billion people from mass extinction. (What exactly they’re saving everyone from isn’t entirely clear, but it’s definitely not pretty.) We also get brief glimpses of a young Cigarette Smoking Man, as well as Scully and Mulder’s son, William, but no indication as to how much we’ll see of them — or what roles they’ll play in what looks like a terrifying quest to save the world. The eleventh season is set to start airing in January 2018.

Things Look Dire for Scully and Mulder in X-Files Trailer