Tig Notaro Talks Sexual Abusers on ‘Late Show’: ‘You Have to Believe People When They Come Forward’

Before all of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein came out, Tig Notaro was speaking out against the sexual misconduct rumors surrounding Louis C.K., saying in August that it’s important C.K. “handle” them instead of dismiss them. Not long after, C.K. did end up dismissing them again, but with the Weinstein scandal in the news now, Notaro explained why it’s important to believe victims – and her hopes that people will “not drop the ball” – during her appearance on Friday’s Late Show. “I feel like it’s cracking the glass, but it’s also something that needs to be continued – to discuss it and push it forward and for people to understand that it’s happening. Your heroes, people you work with, family members – you have to believe people when they come forward. And even people who haven’t come forward yet, there are still sports figures, standup comedians, political figures – they’re everywhere,” Notaro told Colbert. “I just really hope people will not drop the ball, and it’s such an exciting thing that these abusers are actually being taken down … You have to support them and encourage people to come out and know you will be there if and when they do.”

Tig Notaro Talks Sexual Abusers on ‘Late Show’: ‘You […]