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Tim Roth Texted David Lynch Relentlessly Until He Got More Scenes in Twin Peaks: The Return

Tim Roth in Twin Peaks: The Return. Photo: SHOWTIME

Two of the most enjoyable new additions to the Twin Peaks universe in this year’s The Return was seemingly birthed from a Quentin Tarantino fever dream: Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Hutch and Chantal, a married team of ruthless contract killers who, despite showing zero remorse for their near-constant rampage of disturbing murders, somehow managed to charm viewers with their existential late-night van chats and devotion to the shrine of Wendy’s. After the duo wrapped their final moment together, Roth couldn’t accept that his Twin Peaks tenure was over: He promptly hopped onto his device and began campaigning directly to David Lynch to write them even more scenes.

“David wants to experiment and he wants to do different things while filming. For example, with Tim Roth, he and Jennifer really enjoyed being in the show and when they were done, Tim kept texting us saying that he wanted more,” The Return’s executive producer, Sabrina Sutherland, explained at this weekend’s Festival of Disruption. “So I talked to David and he said, ‘Okay.’ He wrote another scene for them so they could come back and do another day of filming.” To think, we could’ve missed these two discussing the sex lives of Mormon families while gazing at the stars.

How Tim Roth Weaseled His Way Into More Twin Peaks Scenes