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USC Doesn’t Want Harvey Weinstein’s $5 Million Pledge for Female Filmmakers

Photo: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

University of Southern California will not be part of Harvey Weinstein’s apology tour. On Tuesday, the USC School of Cinematic Arts told the Wrap in a statement that it will “not proceed” with the disgraced mega-producer’s $5 million pledged endowment for women directors. Weinstein announced the proposed endowment in his bonkers statement last Thursday, in response to the bombshell New York Times article that revealed decades of sexual harassment allegations against the Hollywood bigwig. On Tuesday, The New Yorker further damned Weinstein with another exposé detailing more sexual harassment and rape allegations. On the same day, one USC student launched a petition calling for the university to decline the funds.

USC Doesn’t Want Harvey Weinstein’s $5 Million Endowment