Watch Roy Wood Jr.’s Speech at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Last year, Hasan Minhaj gave an excellent speech at the annual Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner, and during last night’s ceremony another Daily Show correspondent got his turn. Despite semi-losing his voice prior to the ceremony, Roy Wood Jr. addressed the crowd of reporters and politicians with a speech centered around trust: “People, I’m here to talk to you tonight about a serious topic. I want to talk about a resource that is running out. And I don’t want to get all Al Gore on you, but we’re running out of trust,” he says. Here’s another excerpt from the end of the speech:

As you look forward to the coming weeks and months, please do the right thing. I think part of the reason why trust has left us is because so many people choose themselves over their country – people choose their careers over their country. The cool thing about trust is that it’s a renewable resource – all it takes is an act of trust, one person stepping forward and doing the right thing and saying “Hey, I’m not with that. Hey, I don’t agree with that. Hey, that doesn’t make sense.” And you don’t even have to stay and fight – you can just resign and leave. You know, we talk about athletes needing to stand for the flag, but there’s a lot of us that need to stand for the people. And if there’s more of that, then I think we will find trust again.

Watch Wood’s full speech above.

Watch Roy Wood Jr.’s Speech at the Radio and […]