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So, Who’s the Super A-list Book Editor Secretly Consulting on Younger?

Photo: TVLand.

Everyone knows that Younger is very charming and lovely and full of literary high jinks. But behind the façade of Diana Trout’s statement necklaces, a real-life publishing mystery is currently afoot in the show’s writers’ room: An extremely in-demand book editor has been serving as a consultant since season two, where he’s guided the writers on current publishing trends and up-to-date industry jargon to encourage them to write more authentic story lines. Per Vogue, this anonymous gent has been an industry veteran in New York City for about 20 years, and has published titles that include a “blue-chip White House memoir, another one by a ’70s musical legend, and a novel that won the Man Booker Prize not long ago.” Essentially, when Darren Star has a question about anything vaguely bookish, he can call him anytime. “What I try to do is make sure they get the details and the lexicon right,” the man only known as “Ghost” explained. “There is not a question about this industry I could not answer, for better or for worse. Publishing is inherently entertaining.” Take your guesses!

Who’s the A-list Editor Secretly Consulting on Younger?