A Ronald Reagan Limited Series Is Happening at USA, the Most Patriotic of Networks

Photo: Bettmann

Call it Big Little Lies, Oval Office edition: A limited series about Ronald Reagan is heading to USA Network. Per The Hollywood Reporter: “The untitled limited series will explore his early days as a lifeguard, time in Hollywood and his victories and failures as a president as well as what made him an American paragon, beloved husband and complex father.” Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, is working with the network to develop the series, and it is the first project about the president to come with his family’s authorization. (CBS developed a memorable TV movie titled The Reagans starring Judy Davis and James Brolin in 2003, but it was was pushed to Showtime after conservatives complained.) David Rambo (Empire, TNT’s Will) will write and produce USA’s series, so expect Sexy Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Limited Series Is Happening at USA (USA! USA!)