Trans Actress Jen Richards Reveals She Would Have Starred As a Transgender Character in Louis C.K.’s The Cops

Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center

In the wake of sexual-assault allegations leveled at and confirmed by Louis C.K., networks have quickly taken steps to distance themselves from the comedian. On Friday, TBS opted to suspend production of his upcoming animated police show The Cops “until further review.” As more of C.K.’s professional relationships come to an end, actress Jen Richards took to Twitter to reveal another moment of personal disappointment caused by the comedian’s ongoing scandal.

“Welp. I guess I can say this now: I was one of the stars of ‘The Cops’. There was going to be an animated trans character, voiced by a trans actress, on network television. The consequences of these actions go far,” the Nashville actress revealed in a series of tweets. “To have a badass, openly trans character on network t.v. would have been awesome. Oh well.” Concluded Richards, “For the record, I will mourn my own lost opportunity for a moment, but I’ll continue to loudly celebrate a complete sea change in the gendered power dynamics of every corner of society.” Friday also brought the announcement that FX will end their relationship with C.K., canceling the comedian’s overall deal and removing him as producer from Better Things, Baskets, One Mississippi, and The Cops.

Actress Reveals Trans Character on Louis C.K.’s The Cops