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Actress Accuses James Toback of Licking Her During a Private Meeting

Toback. Photo: P. Lehman/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Another woman has accused producer-director James Toback of sexual harassment. Actress Becky Wahlstrom, who has appeared on episodes of Joan of Arcadia, Nashville, and Mad Men, says she met with Toback about a role in August 1998 when Toback allegedly licked her armpit hair and asked if he could dry-hump her. Wahlstrom has a seven-and-a-half page diary entry that recounts their encounter. She was 23 when she met with Toback at a party in his Beverly Hills Hotel room. When they were alone, Toback disclosed random secrets and said he was going to change her life. Per IndieWire: “Before leaving [to meet a guest in the lobby], Toback hoisted [Wahlstrom’s] arm and licked her armpit hair. Wahlstrom then called her roommate, put on her shoes, and paced on the room’s patio before making an exit. She encountered Toback in the hallway, who suggested they get acquainted over a barroom pool table.”

According to Wahlstrom’s accusation, Toback said he wanted to rub his penis on her leg, twist her armpit hair, and for her to twist his nipples. Afraid, she screamed and pushed him, and trashed his hotel room. She wrote this all down in her diary, and sketched out what Toback looked like in the hotel room. “I know he didn’t pull his penis out,” Wahlstrom told IndieWire, adding that Toback said he wanted to. “But I feel like he grabbed himself a lot, I feel like he rearranged himself a lot, and I guess that’s why I drew him [that] way.”

Actress Says James Toback Licked Her During Private Meeting