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Excuse Me, Adam Driver Doesn’t Know What Emo Is?

Sure, dude. Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney

Today in legitimately fake news, Adam Driver claims to have no knowledge whatsoever of the beloved genre known as emo. This despite having been the inspiration for the great meme of 2015: emo Kylo Ren. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he asks the writer point blank, “What is emo?” What! Is! Emo! Adam Driver, a man who looks like a lost member of Taking Back Sunday. Adam Driver, who can probably sing Dashboard Confessional at karaoke without even looking at the monitor. Adam Driver, whose Star Wars character definitely sobs in private to My Chemical Romance. That Adam Driver wants us to believe he’s unaware of the heart-wrenching musical genre of the aughts. Even though he “doesn’t know what emo is,” Driver sounds pretty defensive about his character being labeled emo: “You have someone who’s being told that he’s special his whole life, and he can feel it. And he feels everything probably more intensely than the people around him, you know?” So, Kylo feels all the emotions, you say? Strange.

Driver also doesn’t consider Kylo Ren a villain, despite murdering his dad (a very emo thing to do, ahem). Hear him out: “It’s not like people weren’t living on the Death Star. Isn’t that also an act of terrorism against the hundreds of thousands of people who died there? Did they not have families?” Well, at least we know he’s seen Clerks. Anyway, the interviewer never appears to explain emo to Driver, leaving us all to wonder whether he’s out there somewhere right now getting choked up to “Adam’s Song” and still no one’s told him.

Adam Driver, Emo Kylo Ren, Doesn’t Know What Emo Is