Amber Ruffin Responds to John Kelly’s Civil War Comments on ‘Late Night’

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly made news this week for saying the Civil War happened because of “the lack of ability to compromise” and that Robert E. Lee was an “honorable man,” so during last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers welcomed writer Amber Ruffin to respond. “‘Lack of compromise?’ That’s an awfully strange way to pronounce ‘slavery,’” Ruffin says before explaining how Abraham Lincoln did try to compromise, including the idea of reparations for slave owners. And as for Kelly’s comment about Robert E. Lee: “‘Honorable’!? His army kidnapped free black people and sold them into slavery. That is true. Not a lot of people know that, because they left that part out of the statues.” Watch the full segment above.

Amber Ruffin Responds to John Kelly’s Civil War […]