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This Clip of James Corden and Armie Hammer Dancing Is Almost Too Hard to Watch

For many viewers of Call Me by Your Name, the moment Armie Hammer starts flailing around at a dance party to an ‘80s jam is when you’ll fall in love with his Oliver. As in full swooning, heart-eyes-emoji love. But for the uncoordinated gentle giant that is Armie Hammer, that scene is pure torture. “When I dance,” he recently told Vulture, “I think, You’re really shit at this, and everyone around you knows it because you’re the tallest guy on the dance floor and you stick out like a sore thumb.” His endearing dad moves spawned a meme that Hammer would very much like to forget. So you can imagine the horror of being invited onto late night and asked to recreate the scene, with no Elio (or alcohol) there to calm his nerves. That James Corden’s a cruel one, but it’s all thanks to him that you can now experience the secondhand embarrassment of watching two grown men — one distinctly taller than the other — hop around to no music. Things take a turn for “the Carlton” real quick. Acting is hard, folks.

Armie Hammer Re-created His Bad Call Me by Your Name Dance