Behold ‘The Chris Gethard Show’s Obstacle Course Made from Free Garbage from Craigslist

Here’s a clip from last night’s episode of The Chris Gethard Show, where Gethard was forced to put together a final act for the show with no budget after he and Murf gambled it away in Atlantic City a few weeks ago. With only 13 cents of the budget left, TCGS had to make do with nothing to spend for the end of the episode, titled “Oops… We Gambled Away the Budget.” With some help from the free item section of Craigslist, the show managed to put together a pretty impressive obstacle course full of junk for Murf and Chris to run through while guests Hannibal Buress and Talib Kweli placed bets on the winner. Let this be a lesson to all the other shows out there: Running out of money is no excuse as long as there’s a ton of free garbage available to you on the internet.

Behold ‘The Chris Gethard Show’s Obstacle Course Made […]