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Ben Affleck Wants to be ‘Part of the Solution’ to Hollywood Sexual Harassment

Affleck. Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Men should be taking Hollywood’s sexual-harassment problem personally, Ben Affleck told the Associated Press Sunday during an interview about Justice League. Affleck said he’s “looking at [his] own behavior and addressing that and making sure I’m part of the solution.” Affleck got into trouble in October, when he tweeted a condemnation of his frequent collaborator Harvey Weinstein: His statement (like Matt Damon’s) was couched in being a father of daughters, then Rose McGowan, who has accused Weinstein of rape, called Affleck a liar, saying he knew about her alleged assault. Soon after, a pair of sexual-harassment allegations about Affleck himself surfaced: He apologized for groping Hilarie Burton on an episode of TRL, but didn’t respond to allegations that he groped a makeup artist at a Golden Globes party. Affleck didn’t address any of those accusations, but told the AP the solution to the industry’s harassment problem is twofold: Men should call out other men on predatory behavior, and “more women need to be pushed to power.”

Ben Affleck Wants to be ‘Part of the Solution’ to Harassment