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Known Artist Britney Spears Sold an Original Painting at Auction for $10,000

Spears. Photo: Image Group LA/Radio Disney via Getty Images

For those of you who didn’t know, pop legend Britney Spears is also a fine painter. We first learned of her talented brushstrokes when she posted a video of herself painting on a dramatic terrace. Her role as a player in the art world was cemented yesterday when one of her original works, the jubilant rendering of four flowers we saw a preview of in her artist-at-work Twitter video, was sold for $10,000. Spears donated the piece to a charity auction for Vegas Cares at the Venetian, and the man presiding over the sale, Robin Leach, was apparently so moved by the work he outbid the room for it. It’s unknown how large Spears’s original art collection is, but it seems like this is her first public sale, and with her Vegas residency concluding, the queen might have a lot of time on her hands to delve into this new hobby. Until then we can only speculate on the whereabouts of the companion painting from the Spears Twitter video, which featured a series of swooping lines in the form of a rainbow-colored waterfall or possibly a flame.

Britney Spears Sold Original Painting at Auction for $10,000