David Lynch Isn’t Sure How Twin Peaks’ Roadhouse Booked All of Those Famous Musicians, Either

Nine Inch Nails. Sharon Van Etten. Eddie Vedder. James Hurley, the man himself! Screw that terrifying finale scream — the real mystery of Twin Peaks: The Return was how the town’s tiny Roadhouse was able to wrangle some of the finest musicians our country has to offer for a one-song set. It’s such a puzzling scenario, in fact, that David Lynch himself isn’t too confident with how it would’ve happened. Besides the requisite mystical capabilities of the town, of course. “It’s a magical thing,” Lynch explained in a new interview with THR. “You talk to musicians and they play New York, Madison Square Garden, and then they get a call from Twin Peaks and they say, ‘I’m there.’” And the rest is sonic history.

If you’re curious about the Roadhouse’s operations, though, James Marshall gave us some interesting intel about the filming process: All 16 performances were filmed entirely in one day. “[Lynch] had family members and best friends of the crew and the cast come in and do extra work,” he explained a few months ago. “He wanted to be able to trust everyone, so nobody was getting on phones and recording it. I watched all of them, and pretty much everyone was straight-up. Nobody went online and said anything. Nobody posted stuff on social media. They were sitting there watching all of these different acts go on.” To be a fly in that room.

Lynch on How Twin Peaks’ Roadhouse Booked Famous Bands