Donald Trump’s Big Truck Dreams Finally Come True on ‘The President Show’

When Anthony Atamanuik’s President Show aired its series premiere back in April, the episode included a segment where Atamanuik’s Trump got extremely excited when a big truck pulled up on the street next to him. A clip of the segment made the rounds on Twitter, showing Trump sharing his ultimate fantasy involving another big truck, a “macho guy,” and driving the truck down into the river: “And then I drown in the river, and I feel the water seeping over me, and then the air leaves my lungs, and in the moment where my body starts to react and wants air, I let go. And when I let go, the water fills my lungs, and I’m finally at peace.”

It was only fitting, then, that during last night’s season finale of The President Show, that big truck dream finally came true for Trump during the opening segment – sort of, at least:

The episode also featured an appearance by Lewis Black, who played Trump’s “last shred of self-awareness” and calls him a “racist bag of moldy biscuit dough.” Check out the full segment below:

Comedy Central hasn’t yet renewed The President Show, but Atamanuik and crew will return later this month with the holiday special I Came Up with Christmas: A President Show Christmas.

Donald Trump’s Big Truck Dreams Finally Come True on […]