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Gal Gadot Says Wonder Woman Team ‘Echoed the Same Sentiments’ to Have Brett Ratner Fired

Gal Gadot has responded to reports that she will not return to the Wonder Woman franchise unless producer Brett Ratner is cut off from the franchise after multiple accusations of his sexual abuse. She tells the Today show that everyone on the Wonder Woman production backed the decision to remove Ratner. “Everyone knows the way that I feel because I’m not hiding anything,” she says. “But the truth is, there’s so many people involved in making this movie — it’s not just me — and they all echoed the same sentiments.”

She implies that a decision about Ratner had already been made before news of her alleged holdout broke, adding: “Everyone knew what was the right thing to do. But there was nothing for me to actually come and say because it was already done before this article came out.” Ratner previously announced he’s “stepping away” from his development deal with the film’s studio, Warner Bros.; earlier reports claimed Gadot wanted the studio to buy out Ratner’s financing deal so he wouldn’t profit off future Wonder Woman films.

Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Team Agreed to Remove Ratner