Green Day Expose Trump for the Zombie That He Is in They Live Homage

Green Day find Donald Trump so lacking in humanity that they consider him a member of the undead. For their video for new song “Back in the USA,” off their new greatest hits album (FYI, it’s not a Chuck Berry cover), the band have paid homage to John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi classic They Live. Living his best Pleasantville-looking life, one day, the fantasy dies when Billie Joe Armstrong is informed that the world as he’s known it has all been one big lie told by the Establishment. He receives a pair of glasses that expose the truth in full technicolor: Donald Trump is actually a zombie. And it’s up to Green Day to alert the masses. Just curious, can we buy those glasses on Warby Parker, too, or …. ?

Green Day See Trump for the Zombie That He Is in New Video