halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 Is Dead and Gone, But Beyoncé’s Lil’ Kim Halloween Looks Live On

Photo: Beyonce.com

While the rest of us have already buried our Gender-Swap Offred and Deeply Troubling Marge Simpson costumes under a pile of Starbust wrappers, Beyoncé waited until everyone else’s Halloween had passed on to give you life with a variety of Lil’ Kim looks. (Which, technically makes you a zombie now.) Days after you got a glimpse of Bey and Jay as Kim and Biggie, Beyoncé posted her alternative costumes, wisely captured via photoshoot, to her website. She unfortunately did not make it all the way to “How Many Licks?”–era Kim, so you’ll have to assume she’s waiting until next October to truly slaughter you.

Or, with any luck, provide a surprise holiday gift to you and yours.

Halloween Is Dead and Gone, But Beyoncé’s Lil’ Kim Lives On