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House of Cards Crew Members Allege Showrunner Beau Willimon Knew of Kevin Spacey’s On-Set Sexual Harassment

Spacey. Photo: Netflix

Three House of Cards crew members have contradicted Beau Willimon’s claim that he didn’t know about the actor’s predatory behavior on set. “I saw that Beau said he had no idea, which I know is completely false,” one crew member told BuzzFeed. “They had production meetings about Spacey’s flirtatious behavior toward crew and cast, and it never made it any further than that. It was like a joke.” Willimon has said twice now that he didn’t know anything about sexual-harassment or assault allegations against Spacey. “During the time I worked with Kevin Spacey on House of Cards, I neither witnessed nor was aware of any inappropriate behavior on set or off,” he said after Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of attempting to seduce him when he was 14. Last week, after eight people who worked on House of Cards said Spacey’s misconduct was well known, Willimon again said he was unaware. “Bullshit. Utter bullshit. 100%,” a higher-level source told BuzzFeed, adding that they saw Willimon witness Spacey’s behavior.

House of Cards Crew Say Willimon Knew of Spacey’s Misconduct