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That Male Ejaculate on Insecure Was Made of Piña Colada Mix

Photo: HBO

During Issa Rae’s Wine Down at Vulture Festival L.A., the topic of sex was naturally part of the conversation — in particular, the scene between Issa and Daniel where she decides to go down on him and ends up with male ejaculate in her eye. Did HBO have any issues with the scene? As moderator E. Alex Jung pointed out, Judd Apatow has said that HBO wouldn’t let them show an “arcing cum shot” on Girls just a few years ago. “When we met with HBO, we mentioned a cum-shot scene and they said, ‘You’re just in time!’” Rae recalled. “We couldn’t do that with Girls but now we can! Cum for everybody!”

And what was the secret sauce made of? “It was a piña colada — there’s pineapple in that, and coconut, right?” Rae said, noting that they had to take the pineapple out because she’s allergic to it. “It was good!” she added.

That Ejaculate on Insecure Was Piña Colada Mix