Instead of Good Guys With Guns, Jordan Klepper Suggests Gooder Guys Without Guns

As someone who starred in a multi-part Daily Show segment called “Good Guy with a Gun” as well as his own special exploring gun control in the US, Jordan Klepper is extremely familiar with the “good guy with a gun” argument, which Fox News has latched onto again in the wake of the Sutherland Springs church shooting. During last night’s Opposition, however, Klepper took the “good guy with a gun” argument a few steps further, pointing out that even more lives could have been saved if an even gooder guy with a gun intervened sooner – or, even better, if a gooder guy could’ve intervened so early that he didn’t even need a gun to stop the killings before they began.

“You might say, ‘But how do we know if a guy was that good?’ Well, we can have a vote where we as Americans come together to choose which guys we think are so good we trust them to protect us, and then, all of those guys, they work together to stop future shootings. Maybe they even stop bad guys from getting guns in the first place!” Klepper says. “Guys that good, they probably wouldn’t even need to carry a gun to stop these shootings – they can just assemble and legislate change. Those good guys are good! So remember to write your congressman and tell them to get out there and find those good guys we need.”

Instead of Good Guys With Guns, Jordan Klepper […]