Jason Jones Advises Against Looking to Hollywood for Heroes

Photo: Getty Images

Jason Jones, the creator and star of TBS comedy The Detour — which goes into its third season in early 2018 — has advice for anyone looking to Hollywood celebrities for role models: Don’t.

When asked at Vulture Festival L.A. by moderator Stacey Wilson Hunt about comedy heroes who influenced the tone and style of his TBS series about a family vacation gone awry, Jones, who created The Detour with his wife, Samantha Bee, was quick to respond with his caution.

“What the last couple weeks have proven is: Don’t have Hollywood heroes,” said the former Daily Show correspondent, sitting next to his Detour co-star Natalie Zea. “It’s just not good to put stock in a Hollywood celebrity. Enjoy their work, but know their lives are fucked up. Put your idol worship on firemen or a schoolteacher or a rescue worker or a first-aid worker or Doctors Without Borders. I love those guys. Those are your heroes.”

When Wilson Hunt joked that her lighthearted prompt had inadvertently become a downer, Jones responded, “That would’ve been a great question two weeks ago.”

Jason Jones Advises Against Looking to Hollywood for Heroes