Joel Kim Booster Returns to ‘Conan’ for Another Delightful Standup Set

The wonderful Joel Kim Booster did a standup set during last night’s Conan, and if you missed it, you can watch his full appearance above. Fresh off his recent half-hour Comedy Central standup special, Booster covers everything from becoming an uncle for the first time to being a gay role model to why 2017 is like the end of a horror movie to the absurdity that is rude straight male flight attendants. “If you’re gonna be a male flight attendant you can either be gay and rude or straight and good at your job. You can’t have every option available to you, it’s just not fair,” he says. “I feel like you guys should be glad that we allow you in the skies at all, because everybody knows that the skies were given to gay men and straight women centuries ago when we were tricked out of the land. Lesbians, of course, were given the seas, bisexual men are pilots, and bisexual women are captains. That’s just history, okay? Read a book.” If you haven’t watched Booster’s 2016 Conan debut yet, check it out here.

Joel Kim Booster Returns to ‘Conan’ for Another […]