John Oliver Recaps the Painful Marathon That Is the Trump Presidency on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight season finalewhere John Oliver reviews Donald Trump’s first year in office and breaks down the three techniques he uses in an attempt to shield himself from criticism and consequences: delegitimizing the media, whataboutism, and trolling. “The Trump presidency is basically a marathon – it’s painful, it’s pointless, and the majority of you didn’t even agree to run it, you were just signed up by your dumbest friend. And the fact is, we’re not even at mile 6 right now, or possibly even mile 3,” Oliver says. “So there is a long way to go, and though you’re exhausted and your whole body is screaming for you to give up and your nipples are chafing for some reason, the stakes are too high for any of us to stop.” Near the end of the segment, Oliver reveals that while Last Week Tonight will be off the air for the rest of the year, his good friend the Catheter Cowboy will still be around to keep Trump informed during the Fox News commercial breaks.

John Oliver Recaps the Painful Marathon That Is the […]