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John Oliver Renames Louis C.K.’s Canceled Film ‘Exhibit A If This Ever Goes to Trial’

Photo: HBO

Before heading into a longer segment focused on President Trump, John Oliver recapped the week’s news last night and, as some late-night hosts did on their Thursday-night shows, included a brief swipe at Louis C.K. “The New York Times reported Louis C.K.’s gross sexual misconduct,” Oliver said. “Which is completely indefensible, and which inevitably resulted in the cancellation of his new film, Exhibit A If This Ever Goes to Trial.” Oliver was referring to C.K.’s I Love You, Daddy, which was dropped by its distributor. The film includes a scene in which a comedian mimes masturbation in an eerie echo of the sexual misconduct allegations against the comedian, which he has said are true.

After such lighthearted fare, Oliver launched into an in-depth discussion of how Trump has changed the norms surrounding the presidency. What a way to kick off the week.

John Oliver Takes a Swipe at Louis C.K. and His Film