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Jon Stewart Quizzes Conan O’Brien’s New York City Knowledge With a Definitely Not-Rigged Test

With Conan taping this week’s batch of episodes from Harlem’s Apollo Theater, New Yorker Jon Stewart stopped by to see if the TBS host still knows his old stomping grounds. Unfortunately for Conan, Stewart had no problem revealing the behind-the-scenes talk-show magic that makes segments like impromptu New York City citizenship tests possible. “Your quiz does not frighten me,” Conan told the former Daily Show host. To which Stewart fired back, “Perhaps it’s because you wrote it.” Still, just because we know Conan wrote, or co-wrote, all of the questions and answers, doesn’t stop the jokes about the subway, the Mets, and Pizza Rat from being pretty solid.

Jon Stewart Quizzes Conan’s NYC Knowledge With Rigged Test