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Jordan Peele Says Get Out Is a Documentary, a Historical Biopic, a Drama, and Maybe a Comedy, Too

Get Out is a comedy — but it’s also a drama, a satire, a documentary, a biopic, and the movie black people were waiting for. “The movie is truth,” Jordan Peele explained to Stephen Colbert, when asked about the movie’s submission to the Golden Globes as a comedy. “I think of it more as a historical biopic. The original title was Get Out: The Kanye West Story.” According to Peele, black audiences can see it as a comedy of lived experience; white audiences are horrified by lines they might have said themselves. “It’s like, ‘Oh my god, I think I’ve said that thing that the villains are saying in this movie,’” Peele jokes. “It doesn’t fit into a genre. It sort of subverts the idea of genre. But it is the kind of movie that black people can laugh at, but white people not so much.”

Jordan Peele Responds to Submitting Get Out As a Comedy