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Larry David’s Bernie Sanders Goes Against All of His Moral Values to Compete on The Price Is Right

The things people would do for a new dinette set, even if that means traveling across the country against their will to compete on America’s favorite daytime game show. (It’s all about the Plinko, baby!) Larry David’s Bernie Sanders experienced this Price Is Right madness for the first time while attempting to help his buddy bid on a washing machine, even though he just couldn’t get past, sigh, his very complex thoughts on American consumerism. “This show is a travesty! Consumerism disguised as entertainment!” he wailed. “We’re gonna win this thing the Bernie way. Which means if I lose, I’m gonna bring everyone else down with me.” If you’re curious, his bid of eight cents actually won the washing machine.

SNL: Bernie Sanders Begrudgingly Tries The Price Is Right