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Larry David Cannot Curb His Enthusiasm for ‘Mean Tweets’ About Jimmy Kimmel

Comedy writers who want to earn a smile from Larry David, take note: Nothing makes the Curb Your Enthusiasm star laugh harder than “Mean Tweets” about Jimmy Kimmel. When asked to participate in Kimmel’s recurring segment, David could barely get through the first few words of an insult directed at Kimmel on Twitter without losing it to body-shaking chuckles. While, admittedly some of the heckles were solid — particularly one about a certain emoji — David was tickled by even basic meanness. It took several tries before David could read through his giggles, “Jimmy Kimmel always lookin real upset that he on TV and has to take a big poop.” Not bad, but not pretty, pretty, good, either.

Larry David Has Endless Enthusiasm for Kimmel ‘Mean Tweets’