‘Late Night’ Presents Pervatol, the Drug That Helps Sexual Predators Sleep at Night

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers presents a commercial for a new drug called Pervatol for sexual predators who are currently in such fear of their actions being publicly and inevitably exposed that they can’t sleep at night. Late Night writer Amber Ruffin provides the voiceover to the ad, which guarantees that the drug will work and guarantees something even more important: “Those who take Pervatol should be aware that within our current climate, these accusations will come out sooner than later. Now that victims are no longer afraid to speak up, we’re gonna take down the patriarchy and make you watch as it burns. I swear to God, we’re coming for every last one of you! So you might as well get some sleep.”

‘Late Night’ Presents Pervatol, the Drug That Helps […]